Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Viggle TV Trivia - Survivor

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  • 04/08/15: Who was voted off the island last week? KELLY.
  • 04/08/15: Tyler is a former FOOTBALL PLAYER.
  • 04/08/15: Who won last week’s Immunity Challenge? JOE.
  • 04/08/15: Where is camp this season? NICARAGUA.
  • 04/08/15: True or False: The tribes merged last week. TRUE.
  • 04/08/15: Shirin works for which tech company? YAHOO.
  • 04/08/15: Who played a Hidden Immunity Idol during last week’s Tribal Council? JENN.
  • 04/08/15: This season, the castaways were divided by SOCIAL CLASS.
  • 04/08/15: During a recent challenge, Kelly suffered a FOREHEAD injury.
  • 04/08/15: During a last week’s Immunity Challenge, Jenn was stung by a BEE.
  • 04/08/15: The newly merged tribe is named MERICA.
  • 04/08/15: Who was the 1st player to be voted out this season? SO.
  • 04/08/15: Besides Jenn and Kelly, the only person to get a single vote during last week’s tribal council was HALI.
  • 04/08/15: Who is the youngest castaway? JENN.
  • 04/08/15: True or False: This is the 45th season of “Survivor.” FALSE

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