Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mad About Lisa

I’ve been (re?)watching the ‘90s NBC show MAD ABOUT YOU. Why? Because I wanted to see Lisa Kudrow’s Ursula Buffet portrayed on its original show.
What I’ve found is this show is like a time capsule full of interesting 20 year old gems!
For starters, Ursula wasn’t the only character Lisa played on that show. She was actually the last bad date ‘Paul’ had before beginning a relationship with Jamie, his wife.
Plus, Lisa was a brunette! See:

I’ve also seen Steve Buscemi be a lowly toll both operator, according to IMDB “Before Buscemi began acting, he tried his hand at doing standup. One night he bombed so badly that another comic had to take his place. That comic was Reiser and the episode pokes fun at the incident.”
How ironic, given that now he’s a very successful actor (SOPRANOS and BOARDWALK EMPIRE!! Plus I absolutely love him in CON AIR and AIRHEADS, even though most people hate those movies).
Plus it’s cool to see how vital Jerry Lewis and Regis Philbin were, given that they both retired this year.
I just finished the Season 1 DVDs; I’m hoping I’ll find more gems as I finish the series.

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