Saturday, June 28, 2014

Viggle Movie Trivia - Billy Madison

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  1. What year was “Billy Madison” released? 1995.
  2. Adam Sandler became famous as a cast member on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
  3. What does Billy sing to in his pool? SUNSCREEN.
  4. Billy chases away an imaginary PENGUIN around the gardens of his house.
  5. Adam Sandler’s production company is called HAPPY MADISON.
  6. How many siblings does Billy have? ZERO.
  7. Billy’s friend asks him if he would rather bone Meg Ryan or JACK NICHOLSON.
  8. On “SNL,” Adam often sang the news as OPERA MAN.
  9. Billy’s father says his company owned 650 hotels.
  10. Who does Billy’s father appoint to take over Madison Hotels? ERIC.
  11. FALSE: Billy graduated from high school. .
  12. As a child, Billy misspelled “rock” on a spelling bee competition. How did he spell it? ROK.
  13. Bradley Whitford plays Eric in “Billy Madison.” He was a regular cast member on which TV drama? THE WEST WING.
  14. How much time is Billy given to pass each grade? 2 WEEKS.
  15. Billy travels to his 1st day back at school by CAR.
  16. In “Little Nicky,” Adam Sandler once again played someone trying to take over his father’s business. His 17. father was THE DEVIL.
  17. Bradley Whitford, aka Eric, starred in which 2012 horror flick? CABIN IN THE WOODS.
  18. Billy tries to trade his banana for a SNACK PACK during lunch. 
  19. Billy passes 2nd grade by spelling what word correctly? COUCH.
  20. Veronica Vaughn is Billy’s 3RD grade teacher. 
  21. Bridgette Wilson, aka Veronica, married which professional tennis player? PETE SAMPRAS.
  22. Who does Ernie call on the phone for Billy? VERONICA.
  23. Which funnyman plays the school bus driver? CHRIS FARLEY.
  24. How much bank did “Billy Madison” make at the box office? $26 MILLION.
  25. Adam Sandler played another underdog in which football comedy? THE WATERBOY.
  26. Who interrupts Billy’s 1st kiss with Veronica? CARL
  27. Adam Sandler starred in which P.T. Anderson film? PUNCH DRUNK LOVE.
  28. Principal Anderson used to be a wrestler called REVOLTING BLOB. 
  29. In high school, Billy learns about CHLOROPHYLL.
  30. Billy Madison” features a cameo from which “Boardwalk Empire” cast member? STEVE BUSCEMI.
  31. Principal Max Anderson claims Billy gave him a bribe of  $5,000.
  32. Billy competes against Eric in a ACADEMIC DECATHLON.
  33. Someone fills Billy’s high school locker with MANURE.
  34. Last year, Adam Sandler starred alongside Andy Samberg in the comedy THAT'S MY BOY.
  35. O’Doyle’s car veers off the road when it hits a BANANA PEEL.
  36. Who saves Billy from being shot by Eric? CARL.
  37. Who does Billy give Madison Hotels to at the end of “Billy Madison?” CARL.
  38. At graduation, Billy announces he wants to become a  TEACHER.
  39. Adam Sandler followed up “Billy Madison” with the sporting comedy HAPPY GILMORE.
That's right, 39 questions x 10 points = 390 Viggle points if all questions are answered correctly. Sweet!

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