Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Viggle TV Trivia - Flip or Flop

  • Tarek and Christina are MARRIED.  
  • True or False: Terek and Christina only buy new, turnkey homes. FALSE.
  • Tarek and Christina are also licensed REAL ESTATE AGENTS.
  • True or False: Tarek and Christina bought tonight’s flip without even looking at it? TRUE.
  • Tarek and Christina are proud parents to a little girl named TAYLOR.
  • The El Moussas had their general contractor do what to the house? RIP OUT ALL OF THE WALLS.
  • How old was Tarek when he became a licensed real estate agent? 21.
  • Where did Tarek and Christina first meet? AT A REAL ESTATE OFFICE.
  • Earlier tonight, the El Moussas added a SLIDING DOOR to the house.
  • The El Moussas are flipping a house that’s just UNDER 1,000 square feet.
  • True or False: Tarek and Christina’s daughter helped out with tonight’s landscaping. TRUE.
  • Tarek and Christina initially listed the house at $429,900.
  • Most of the houses that the El Moussas flilp are located in CALIFORNIA.
  • All new episode of “Flip or Flop airs next TUESDAY AT 9/8c.

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