Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Viggle TV Trivia - NCIS

  • 04/07/15: Who dealt with a cancer scare earlier this season? VANCE.
  • 04/07/15: This season, Duck returned to his hometown of LONDON to investigate a case.
  • 04/07/15: Who started dating Zoe this season? TONY.
  • Before he was Tony, Michael Weatherly played a cyber journalist on “Dark Angel.” He starred alongside JESSICA ALBA.
  • Which unit does Zoe Keates serve? THE ATF.
  • 04/07/15: Last week, Gibbs asked TONY to stop by the scene for backup.
  • 04/07/15: Earlier this season, a group of PIRATES targeted Gibbs.
  • 04/07/15: Last week, McGee under covered new details about Abby’s LOVE LIFE.
  • 04/07/15: Who was recently promoted to team leader? DELILAH.
  • 04/07/15: Last week, the team worked on an unsolved cold case from 1979.
  • Which senior agent often works with the team? FORNELL.
  • 04/07/15: Last week, Jimmy and Ducky borrowed Abby’s LAB.
  • 04/07/15: Who picked a fight with Ducky over DNA testing during last week’s episode? JIMMY.
  • Which member of the team rocks black nail polish? ABBY.
  • 04/07/15: Last week, Tony and Bishop attended a COUPLES INTIMACY workshop.
  • Pauley Perrett, aka Abby, is a former PUNK ROCK SINGER

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